Are you tired of your plastic packages

  • -not having perfect 90-degree angle edges?
  • -not being professional?
  • -having white creases?

Do you want your plastic packages to look like this?

If so, then try on PERFECT 90 CR, a special crease rule for transparent plastic packages!!!

  Make perfect 90-degree angled, adjustable stiffness professional plastic packages

The long-awaited special crease rule is made with equal distance between blades and grooves

Key features:
-Excellent crease performance enables easy assembly, even by hand
-Adjustable to a wide variety of bending stiffness
-Obtain a perfect 90°angle
-No changes in the box shape will occur regardless of temperature

Product specifications:
-Thickness: 0.7mm
-Height: 23.75mm
(corresponding to 23.8mm tall cut blade)
-Length: 450mm
-Package: 50 pieces

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