Nakayama MIR Series

Nakayama MIR Series

Because large-lot package production is die cut at high speed, it requires high quality cutting rules and dies.
The MIR blade, the best cutting rule and a flagship model of Nakayama products, is best-known for its
sharpness, durability and precision. The MIR blades have been adopted for large-lot package production in not
only Japan but foreign markets as well.

MIR Series, Blades with Mirror finished blade edges

Sharp cutting and superior durability MIR is free from paper dust!
Thus, die cutting pressure is reduced, ensuring sharp cutting.

MIR Series Application

High-function film (optical film, touch panels, semiconductor material, solar cells and lithium-ion cells)
Resins such as A-PET, PP, PS and PVC
Surface-treated cardboards including UV/film coating and more
Cardboards easy to generate paper dust
Boxes for tobacco, confectionery, hamburgers, etc…


  • Cutting with less pressure and higher durability of the blade
  • less paper dust because of the sharpness
  • more effective for surface-processed packages (prevention of separating coating from a surface material)
  • uniquely processed tip of the blade
  • blade edge minimizing unevenness of height

The computerized fully-automated line produces ultimate MIR RULES

Fully-automatic grinding machine (stable edge angle and height)
Fully-automatic high-frequency processor (Stable high-frequency depth)
Fully-automatic steel rule cutter (Non-contact type; blade edge is maintained)
Fully-automatic camber adjustment unit (Non-contact type; blade edge is maintained)

Difference between cutting rules of Nakayama and other manufacturers

  • other manufacturers
  • Regular lines of cutting rules are produced by a conventional cutting method
    Advantage:Low cost because of mass blade production
    Disadvantage:Low quality in sharpness and precision, unnecessary paper dust

  • Nakayama
  • All blades are produced by grinding method
    Advantage:High quality in sharpness and precision
    Disadvantage:Higher cost because Nakayama blades are NOT mass-produced

“MIR finished perforation blade and cut-crease blade”

Nakayama’s MIR blades are now not only for contour cutting.

We welcome any size order for your urgent needs!
Please tell us what you need length, quantity and time frame.
We are happy to be flexible with your various orders!

Customized blade edge angles and bevel dimensions are available
Nakayama’s special proprietary technique makes a variety of customized blade edge angles and bevel
dimensions possible.

You can have more choices than ever before

  • Available for various kinds of pitches
  • Great performance for irregular pitches which are increasingly used these days. (In addition, capable of depth settings)

  • Cutting blades containing micro-nicks are available. (Min width: 0.15mm)
  • The prices vary depending on materials and pitches.
  • For further information, please do not hesitate to ask our sales representatives
  • Your time consuming finishing process will be a thing of the past thanks to Nakayama’s new perforation and cut crease blades.

Comparison of Cutting Edges and Cross Section Images

(Green arrow marks cutting edge)

Standard Series the touch panel cross section cut
MIR Series the touch panel cross section cut

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